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Food Bank

Hello ladies,

Just a little word about the Bude Food Bank, for which the members are so good at donating items of food.  These people send us a regular email, which is passed on to members, thanking us for our support, telling us how much we donated in Kgs and letting us know if there are any items they particularly need. It's nice to know we are making a difference to poorer families and children especially.

Milk Bottle Tops

So many of us have been carefully washing and collecting those plastic milk bottle tops in all colours, but now there is someone new to pass them to.   Zena is now the collecting point for these.

The Marshgate Bursary

Our Denman Bursary - cash to help pay for a course and accommodation at our national WI college in Oxfordshire - is offered every year subject to our finances being healthy enough.  ANY MEMBER WISHING TO GO TO DENMAN COLLEGE is eligible to claim this - ask our treasurer Brona for details.  It is offered on a first come, first served, basis.

The Denman prospectus is with your WI secretary.


Please pass this message on to the members who do not have internet access.